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06:02 OpenDRIVE Feature #6667 (New): Road edge description
There should be an entry describing the limits of usable space on a road; depending on the nature of some lane surfac...
05:57 OpenDRIVE Support #6648 (In Progress): Canonical access functions available?
There are commercial libraries available but no OpenSource yet. But I think it's a good idea to have a certain set of...


19:01 OpenDRIVE Improvement #6634: Make it clear which attributes are required and which are optional
I'll assign this to my colleague who is doing the schema files.
16:04 OpenDRIVE Support #6636: Left hand driving attribute?
We could extend the "<road><type .../></road>" entry with an attribute in order to cover this requirement. If nothing...


17:53 OpenDRIVE Feature #6441: Add country code to road and top-level header
- the "country" could become an attribute of the "road-type" tag;
- signals will inherit the country defi...
17:35 OpenDRIVE Support #6409: Use of geo reference and planView geometry
To be handled in a clarification within the specification.
17:33 OpenDRIVE Feature #5174 (Rejected): ODR 1.5 - define object sub-types
there will be no sub-types
17:31 OpenDRIVE Feature #5176: ODR 1.5 - describe traffic island outline's curb direction
- there should be a figure illustrating the use cases
17:22 OpenDRIVE Feature #5177: Crosswalk definitions
Crosswalk itself must be a signal (293); in addition, the signs for the crosswalk (350) should be positioned and linked
17:20 OpenDRIVE Improvement #5601: colourful roadmarks
- orange should be added
- otherwise RGB coding might be helpful

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