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19:42 OpenCRG Support #6741 (Feedback): u fraction calculation inconsistent in crgEvaluv2xy & crgEvalz
* for xy-evaluation, an extrapolation of the reference line beyond first/last point of the reference ...
18:22 OpenCRG Improvement #6313: Additional Border Modes in u and v directions
Dr. Rauh: what do you think about having +V and -V handled differently? Would it be ok to have this introduced? We'd ...
17:23 OpenCRG Feature #5315 (In Progress): Support additional attributes (e.g. color, temperature, friction) pe...
Dear Dr. Rauh,
what is your assessment? Technically, it should be "easy" to add further layers of information in C...


06:07 OpenDRIVE Support #2950 (Closed): issues with sidwalk height and ego's driving dynamics
06:07 OpenDRIVE Support #373 (Closed): Sample road data "CrossingComplex8Course" on OpenDRIVE's site.
06:01 OpenDRIVE Support #6410: Lane offsets and representing lane width changes
To my understanding, the border of lane 0 will be described in the same way as all other borders. So, the inner borde...


20:38 OpenDRIVE Feature #4575 (Resolved): add details to road types within towns
20:30 OpenDRIVE Improvement #4298 (Resolved): Add lane type "connectingRamp" to OpenDRIVE specification
connectingRamp is in there now.
20:26 OpenDRIVE Improvement #6634: Make it clear which attributes are required and which are optional
@Andreas: let's arrange for a meeting to go through the specification.
20:25 OpenDRIVE Bug #6091 (Resolved): Object Repeat Record

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