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11:55 OpenDRIVE Improvement #7231 (Feedback): Indicate version of StVO to use for numbering
It's in rev. L of the specification (the remark made it into chapter 6.10).
11:35 OpenDRIVE Improvement #7623 (Feedback): signal: add length
I would propose that for further geometry information of a signal, a child tag <reference> be used which describes fu...
11:17 OpenDRIVE Improvement #8121 (Feedback): Continuous reference line note for paramPoly3 geometry
Good remark. It's in the new version of the specification for 1.5.
11:13 OpenDRIVE Improvement #8122 (Feedback): Object hdg attribute not clear
In 2.3.4 a definition of a local system is given; this may be used as an object's co-ordinate system relative to a tr...
10:48 OpenDRIVE Feature #8211 (Feedback): Attributes for node "material"
According to the specification, "surface" is the only valid tag. The "code" implementation in VIRES's OpenDRIVE manag...
10:38 OpenDRIVE Improvement #8409 (Feedback): Parallel roadMark entries
I think it's clear or, at least, not restricted:
"Each lane within a road cross section can be provided with sever...


14:15 OpenDRIVE Improvement #8139 (Rejected): Usage of integer instead of strings as basic type for Roads, Juncti...
As discussed today, we are rejecting this ticket.


15:46 OpenDRIVE Feature #5176 (Resolved): ODR 1.5 - describe traffic island outline's curb direction
15:43 OpenDRIVE Support #7746 (Feedback): Specification seems to contradicts VTD tool expectations
15:43 OpenDRIVE Support #7746: Specification seems to contradicts VTD tool expectations
When sticking to the picture in chapter 3.6.1 it should be clear:
The "incoming" road in this e...

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