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Make it clear which attributes are required and which are optional

Added by Thomas Bleher 3 months ago. Updated 9 days ago.

specification 1.5
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Currently it's often unclear from the specification which attributes are required and which are optional.
As an example, take the tunnel record:
  • I think s and length should be mandatory
  • Most people would probably say that the id and the type should also be mandatory
  • name, lighting and daylight could probably be optional

However, there is no indication in the standard which of these elements are in fact mandatory.

The real problem is that in the XML Schema, all attributes are marked as optional (attributes are optional by default, and are only required if they have an attribute use="required" in the schema file). So the XML schema cannot be used to determine if all required attributes are there.

I propose the following:
For OpenDRIVE 1.5, all required attributes should be marked as such in the XML Schema file. That way, xodr files can be more easily checked for correctness.


#1 Updated by Marius Dupuis 3 months ago

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I'll assign this to my colleague who is doing the schema files.

#2 Updated by Thomas Bleher 9 days ago

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Is a new version of the schema file already available? Just now I had a problem with an OpenDrive file by a supplier, where the <material> tag didn't contain any friction and roughness information. From the spec it is unclear which tags are optional and which are required. This really hinders interoperability.

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