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Add country code to road and top-level header

Added by Thomas Bleher 5 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

specification 1.5
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Currently a country code can only be given to signals. However, the country a road belongs to has an effect on driving even if there are no signals (example: maximum allowed speed on highways if no sign is given).

Of course the country could be determined from the geo reference, but this seems like very high effort for something that could be put into the data directly.

I propose the following addition:
  • The attribute country can be given in the <header> tag and in the <road> tag.
  • The value given in the <header> tag is the default value for the database.
  • If a <road> tag has a different country value, then it overrides the country value for this road.
  • If signals have no country value, then they take the country value from the road or the header.

This makes it possible to also model large road networks that span multiple countries.

Note: it would also be possible to handle country similar to the road type (where the type can change along the road). Then different parts of a road could be in different countries. However, this seems like overkill for this use-case.


#1 Updated by Marius Dupuis 5 months ago

- the "country" could become an attribute of the "road-type" tag;
- signals will inherit the country definition of the road

#2 Updated by Marius Dupuis 5 months ago

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#3 Updated by Thomas Bleher 3 months ago

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